Morning Ritual

Salam & hye to all reader, Lama gila tak update blog. kerajinan plak malam ni. Jadik ayuh kita mula kan. So, semua orang mesti ada benda nak buat di pagi hari sebelum pergi kerja,sekolah,uni etc… (bangun pagi gosok gigi,mandi,sarapan,gosok baju,tudung semua).. selain dari tu masa korang bersiap mesti ade la krim,toner,bb cream,bb cushion(laniege) semua korang […]


Makeup For Dinner

My very first client.Makeup for UOB bank Annual Dinner  


Clearance Sale..insane shopaholic letting go stuff

Attention girls.. i’m selling stuff i’m not using,if u guys penah terlintas nak beli tapi x beli-beli sebab dia mahal ke ape,why not beli harga murah seperti yg ditawarkan nie..x pakai lagi pun barang-barang nie.. kalau rasa nak beli leave me a reply ok..i’ll get back to u as soon as possible.. Advertisements


(TUTORIAL) Smokey Friday Baybee….

Surfing for new makeup ideas,because the technique that I’ve been using is getting pretty old and boring,while waiting for my new makeup class (21/8),what?makeup class? yeah,since i love makeup so much,i have enroll myself in one or two makeup class with the permission of beloved fiancee he even paid for my classes,yeah.thank you so much […]


Dinner Makeup by Me

I ordered a few KRYOLAN items online and got it a few weeks ago. For a wedding dinner last week i tried the makeup i ordered and this is the look that i created using TV Paint stick and a few other items.I will post about it later Advertisements


Get your Coastal Scents Here…Limited Items Available

Impulsive buyer (that’s me). Get the item of your desire here. There are some used makeup i’m clearing on heavily discounted price too. Have fun browsing. Leave a reply for inquiry and I’ll get back at ya’ RM12 EACH silk cover tan foundation concealer A full cover Honey light tan foundation medium veil eye shadow […]


The Big Sale Exclusively By Me (Beauty Items)

Hi,I’m selling all of these stuff cos i won’t be needing and using them. All are brand new by the way. The prices are excluding postage. Price range from cheap to expensive. Have a look first 🙂 Gwen’s L.A.M.B shower & body lotion 30 ml-rm30 each take both for a special price 🙂 Lovin the […]


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