Restaurant ni betul2 sebelah hotel bahagia. Sebelum berangkat ke Langkawi, ada kakak kat office suruh makan dekat wan thai ni,dia cakap sedap kiteorg pun terjah la pas check in,lapar gila time tu… kiteorg order telur dadar juga.tiada gambar.rasa dia best.minum ais kosong. total bill dlm rm 88. makanan dia sedap,puas hati makan kat sini.sebab […]

let’s SMOOCH tonight

Why smooch? If you guys are wondering,i ordered my macaron from an online bakery called SMOOCH..cute name.I like.I’ve been reading about macaron online about the taste and how heavenly it taste and so on till it makes me have macaron dream (not wet dream).Been asking my colleagues in the office if they know where to […]

onE Week Recap

Hi,it’s been one another sunday coming to an end.Tomorrow is another day,another week to look forward to.Nothing special happen last week,nothing out of the normality i would say.I’ve been busy with my books,yeah,my Charlaine Harris books the New Blood Vamp series,i bought two last week and already finished reading both with enjoyment and laughter […]


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