Morning Ritual

Salam & hye to all reader, Lama gila tak update blog. kerajinan plak malam ni. Jadik ayuh kita mula kan. So, semua orang mesti ada benda nak buat di pagi hari sebelum pergi kerja,sekolah,uni etc… (bangun pagi gosok gigi,mandi,sarapan,gosok baju,tudung semua).. selain dari tu masa korang bersiap mesti ade la krim,toner,bb cream,bb cushion(laniege) semua korang […]


(REVIEW) DERMAFAL – Placenta Serum Complex With Squalene & Vitamin E

Yup, suddenly I’m a beauty conscious person. Yesterday i was writing about slimming and detox and today I’m writing a review for face stuff. Well 2 weeks on leave makes me a boring person and i’ve been surfing the net non stop reading about all kinds of things. And i just found out about this […]


Do you believe in detox?

I’m on a mission and 2 weeks marriage leave. For two weeks i will just sit at my husband home and do nothing means getting my self bigger and bigger. Well, I’m quite scared with my body and my weight at the moment because it’s getting heavier and bigger and i tried so hard to […]


(Review) Garnier Light

Let me just call it the yellow series, since the packaging is very yellow. When i read the ingredients it makes sense cos there are lemon essence in it. Well, i just got married and i think even when i’m preparing for my wedding i didn’t really took care of my self meaning my health,my […]


Makeup For Dinner

My very first client.Makeup for UOB bank Annual Dinner   Advertisements


Mineral Clay for sale (miracle for your skin)

mineral clay or muntah belut used for-acne,rashes,oily skin,any skin disorder how to use-just dissolve in water,mix it until it becomes thick and gooey like a paste,apply it on your face before u sleep (like a sleeping mask) to make sure it works u have to be really patience and make sure u use it like […]


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