Who is RoseJaeJoong?

a Girl, perempuan,wanita,yooja,noona,unnie,kakak,kuli bank,acc administrator,best friend,lover and a wife to my hubby sayang

I have a habit of love to try and test.I spend lots of my time (when I’m not working) reading magazines and blogs bout beauty product and makeup’s.I’m so in love with makeup too.
I share info & tips with dear girlfriends.Hope you guys share yours with me 😀

Another obsession of mine is K-pop..K stands for Korea & Pop-Music..can’t get enough of it

Hoping i can share ideas and maybe exchange some,share review,get feedback’s,and the best of all
make new & very good friend through my blog.

if u want me to write about your product and services feel free to contact me at rosejaejoong@gmail.com

if u want to sell your product through my blog please contact me for details. i will do my best to promote it.

thank you and have a nice day.

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