(REVIEW) DERMAFAL – Placenta Serum Complex With Squalene & Vitamin E


Yup, suddenly I’m a beauty conscious person. Yesterday i was writing about slimming and detox and today I’m writing a review for face stuff. Well 2 weeks on leave makes me a boring person and i’ve been surfing the net non stop reading about all kinds of things. And i just found out about this DERMAFAL serum which is hot selling at the moment. I bought the trial pack and been using it for 3 days already. The trial pack consist of 10 love shape capsule price rm33 and i bought it from a Facebook friend. A colleague of mine highly recommended this serum to me,she said it will make my skin moist and glowing. Well she asked me did i saw the glow effect after i tried it for the first time and i said i didn’t notice it cos i was not checking at all. well after 2 days what i can say is,my face is healing.why healing? i have a super bad face with scars every where, deep black scars thanks to acne and i also have new acne on my face. when i start using dermafal my skin is moist and i notice my scars are fading a little and the new ones are slowly getting better. so, i will continue using dermafal after my 10 days of trial. and for those who wants to try it,you can contact me.You just have to apply one capsule before you sleep.

Fortified with Squalene and Vitamin E, this moisturizing solution is specially formulated to help moisturize skin as well as recover from sunburns or lesions. When used daily, it will help your skin feel young and revived. It Restores skin moisture,aids wound recovery, improves skin elasticity & reduces wrinkles,lighten freckles & reduce stretch marks.

trial pack

10 capsule- rm 30

(with postage)

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