(Review) MIREICA please do me miracle..

Guess what..i bought MIREICA without thinking,wait,i do take my time to think about 2 or 4 seconds before i grab it from the shelves (in watson) with the price tag MYR178 for 30 sachets (one month supply) there is no turning back for me.What is mireica,please read facts below..


developed by LiveLife Biosciences A.G., Switzerland, in collaboration with scientists from Japan, Europe and Switzerland

price myr 178 for 30 sachets

available in all leading pharmacy

taste: quite fishy and i can’t stand the smell

MIREICA nutri-peau will help improve your skin’s hydration, tone, youthfulness and vitality. For people below 30s, MIREICA nutri-peau will be most helpful in protecting your skin against sun damage and against premature skin aging. For those between 30s and 50s, MIREICA nutri-peau will help regulate chronological skin aging, replenish skin lipids, improve hydration and skin tone, and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and wrinkles. For those 50s and above, MIREICA nutri-peau will also help reduce the appearance of age spots and wrinkles, firms and moisturizes the skin for a more youthful look.

advertisement sgt bagus,the janji is kind of promising and with the price tag to kill.what the heck,already bought it.I found their facebook page (of cos produk semahal ni ada fb kan) and tanpa rasa malu menaip di fb wall mereka (sila click pic utk pembesaran)

since my first main concern is berapa lama kene tunggu untuk lihat perubahan/kebagusan produk ni..jawapan orang MIREICA dlm first 1-2 weeks dah boleh nampak keberkesanan nye.Paling best bila dapat baca testi pengguna MIREICA..

Ni pulak pic MIREICA saya..

cara minum dia campur dgn air sejuk,kacau and minum.yuck,tak larat.campur juice baru boleh minum..pas dah campur air dia akan berbuih,sila minum masa time dia berbuih-buih tu

Last sunday,saya pergi buat photoshoot for my prewed pics and selepas 2 hari minum MIREICA,saya sendiri dah rasa difference dia.Why?Cos masa saya makeup,makeup saya melekat kat kulit dengan cantik nya,muka rasa sangat lembut dan moist..Sampai en.alip(tunang) pun perasan..

Wow..since en alip pun dah notice,i guess MIREICA memang miracle for my skin.Nanti saya update lagi.

Have a nice day!!!

3 thoughts on “(Review) MIREICA please do me miracle..

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