Thank You tag for special occasion

Yeay..dah finalize my order untuk thank you tag.I like benda2 yg boleh di personalize kan salah satu nyer benda alah terima kasih tu. Time mencari-cari terjumpa blog kakak nie Gadis Jumaat Art Cetera¬† Dia design and buat,cantik-cantik belaka semua nyer.Pastu jumpe plak Facebook dia.Bertambah kagum tgk hasil kerja dia.Terus email dia lepas berpikir selama beberapa […]

Checklist for Nikah

Baju Nikah-Baju Kurung Moden-White Chiffon Beaded Nikah Theme for my family-Tiffany Blue (mommy,daddy,and brothers,plus my dulang girls,close relatives will wear this color) and contoh family yang pakai blue on hari nikah (ingat ye..contoh,this is not my family tau) my hand bouquet (bunga tangan)-tiffany blue but i’m ordering this crystal hand bouquet for my solemnization day […]

(TUTORIAL) Smokey Friday Baybee….

Surfing for new makeup ideas,because the technique that I’ve been using is getting pretty old and boring,while waiting for my new makeup class (21/8),what?makeup class? yeah,since i love makeup so much,i have enroll myself in one or two makeup class with the permission of beloved fiancee he even paid for my classes,yeah.thank you so much […]

(Review) MIREICA please do me miracle..

Guess what..i bought MIREICA without thinking,wait,i do take my time to think about 2 or 4 seconds before i grab it from the shelves (in watson) with the price tag MYR178 for 30 sachets (one month supply) there is no turning back for me.What is mireica,please read facts below.. MIREICA bio developed by LiveLife Biosciences […]


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