CARTA PELAMIN- Pelamin Simple :)

Yes, I’ve seen so many pelamin/dais sampai mata berpinar-pinar sudah.Nampak sgt trend pelamin 3 panel mendahului carta,but my motto is simple is nice. Even though the pakej yg i ambik cover pelamin 3 panel,i still want my simple pelamin.This is my compilation of simple pelamin or lets called it My SIMPLE pelamin CHART..

simple kan?

one of the warna yg i tgh consider

simple sgt tapi i like

suke nyer tgk ni

suka kerusi itu

suka,suka,suka beribu kali suka🙂

pelamin impian yg di angankan sejak dulu kala..


kene buat discussion dgn en.alip tersayang pastu jumpa kakak pelamin plak..tak sabar pulak nak tengok rupa pelamin sendiri🙂


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