Theme for Hantaran

I just settled my cincin/ring part..Now i’m looking for inspiration and ideas for my hantaran.Since i don’t want to spend a lot of money on the hantaran arrangement,me and my creative team (consisting my mum and daddy) will be doing it on our own with the guidance of majalah pengantin,tepak sireh and etc…

My Hantaran Creative TEam Background


experience: prepared 13 dulang of hantaran (blue theme) for my engagement

cost per dulang: dunno..i paid around rm400 for all the flowers and ribbons for hantaran both side

the pics below are from my engagement hantaran

sea of blue


My wedding hantaran will be 5 (him) balas 7 dulang (me). Since i don’t want pisang berbuah dua kali,i’m going to do the hantaran arrangement for both side.

been doing a lot of research with my buddy miss google and this is what i like 🙂

so sweet..

i love this combination...

niceeee..i like..


credits to the owner of the pics.

Yay..i know what i want now.Just wait and see..





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