The Ugly Face of a Bride to be :(

Do u hate your skin? Well,i do.I’ve tried everything from very expensive to cheap but to no avail.
Recently I found this one product online called miracle mask.It’s cheap.all organic and natural plus it’s cheap πŸ™‚
I found myself reading all the testimonials religiously (read it every time I’m online) cos i want to know the product better.At last i made up my mind and ordered it.The package comes all the way from langkawi.Been using it for a few nights now,I applied it before i go to bed (like bedak sejuk).Hope this thing is the miracle I’ve been looking for.I’m going to post all my bad picture for u to see.

This product is recommended for people who are having problems like pimples,acne,oily skin,scar etc..everything related with your skin.Visit their website to know more FCU MIRACLE

P/s: i’m going to review bout this product in 3 months time.need time to see if it really works πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “The Ugly Face of a Bride to be :(

  1. How`s your skin now? Getting better? I have started to use too. Yesterday was my first day. Looking forward to see your latest pic update

  2. hai reyna,
    this product actually works but only if u use it consistently. i found that within the first week my skin condition improved, my super oily skin is not that oily anymore. i’m using something else right now and will write all about it later. hope u will read it.

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