CARTA PELAMIN- Pelamin Simple :)

Yes, I’ve seen so many pelamin/dais sampai mata berpinar-pinar sudah.Nampak sgt trend pelamin 3 panel mendahului carta,but my motto is simple is nice. Even though the pakej yg i ambik cover pelamin 3 panel,i still want my simple pelamin.This is my compilation of simple pelamin or lets called it My SIMPLE pelamin CHART..   kene […]

Catering for My Big Day

Chosen and approved by my mum,dad and orang yang bayar duit hantaran.Setelah beribu kali tengok website dieorg,siap admire tgk kecantikan scallop khemah,cantik nye khemah,cantik nyer alas meja dia,bunga dan etc.Kagum kiteorg sekeluarga tak berhenti di situ,sebab bila pegi food testing,food dieorg pun sgt sedap..berbaloi la gak kan..nak tau lebih lanjut mengenai caterer ini sila baca […]

(BTS) The making of Bilik Pengantin

Since I already know what i want,and even dah visualize how my bilik pengantin will look like on the big day,me and en alif went to ikea last Sunday.Kebetulan pulak Ikea tengah sale,so kiteorg pergi la tgk showroom dia untuk ilham and if ada benda yang ikut concept simple yang kiteorg nak,we will just buy […]

Theme for Bilik Pengantin

Been doing lots of research and lah ape yang dapat saya cari and agak sama with what i want for my bilik pengantin. Project bilik pengantin rosejaejoong Theme: warna pastel mcm pink,lavender or violet (campur sekali je semua mcm cun gak) Design: nak simple tapi nampak elegant tak mau nampak mcm dahulu kala dan […]

Theme for Hantaran

I just settled my cincin/ring part..Now i’m looking for inspiration and ideas for my hantaran.Since i don’t want to spend a lot of money on the hantaran arrangement,me and my creative team (consisting my mum and daddy) will be doing it on our own with the guidance of majalah pengantin,tepak sireh and etc… My Hantaran […]

The Ugly Face of a Bride to be :(

Do u hate your skin? Well,i do.I’ve tried everything from very expensive to cheap but to no avail. Recently I found this one product online called miracle mask.It’s cheap.all organic and natural plus it’s cheap 🙂 I found myself reading all the testimonials religiously (read it every time I’m online) cos i want to know […]


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