Wedding Checklist & Ideas

Since my wedding is less than 6 months away,and i still haven’t,did not or didn’t even think about it because i’m a last minute person…I went to a really grand wedding last night at one world hotel where the guest includes the sultan and sultanah of Pahang,our prime minister and his wive,siti nurhaliza and husband and lots of datuk’s and datin’s.Well i can only dream of having a wedding like that,the theme was gold.While i was sitting and chatting with my girlfriends one of them asked me bout my preparation,and yeah i guess i should start it now..

First of all i need a theme..i was thinking bout white or something which is warm or pastel,i like soft colors..

and the list
-bridesmaid theme
-family theme
-guest list
-invitation cards
-door gift for friends
-door gift for guest
-door gift for groom’s family
-mak andam/pak andam
-dress for nikah
-tudung nikah

that’s all i can think of for now i know there is more so this list is going to expand…


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