I need a break..really

It’s been a veryyyyyy long time since i last updated this blog of mine,well,me been very busy lately with work and life,and i just hit the age 27..i can feel everything including the organs inside my body getting very old.Why?i celebrated my birthday with flu,then come cough and sneezing,then come fever to make a very thing get more worst than ever.i went on medical leave cos my cough got really bad plus i keep on throwing up,i need to run to the bathroom every few minutes so i don’t think i can stay that long in the LRT without throwing up in it.The doc give me one day sick leave and i went back to the office the day after that even though my head is spinning around and my temperature was up and down i still manage to go to work (and cough) and went to genting for a 2 days trip and get back home,work some more and finally my body gave up..my cough got really bad.went back to doctor,and she was amazed how i can go to work and do all that despite everything plus she said i have a fever too..Again..OMG..this time 2 days sick leave given.I don’t think people at office would like that.Well i’m really sick..it’s not like i buy that sick leave people.I’m not that kind of person who loves to take sick leave even though he or she is not feeling sick.If i want to go some where i would apply for my own annual leave.i never been this sick before,and i don’t like it at all.My throat is throbbing with pain,i can’t breathe properly,all i can do is just sleep and try to breathe properly.This is the most painful fever,cough,headache i ever had..Guess i’ve been working so hard and never give my self time to rest making my body go hay wired..I really need a break guys.

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