I Love Costal Scents :)

There are many brands out there,countless of them for you to choose.Counters,pharmacy,along the streets,makeup bars & etc.But you must think of your skin when you are on the look out for makeup.over the years I’ve seen mineral makeup making a huge impact in the cosmetics industries.Like always I’ve done my research and gather my courage to order from this company called Coastal Scents.
My first harmless purchased was their blusher name essence & a couple of brushes.Since they are mineral makeup I need the brushes to work the magic.And to my surprise,the blusher was so good to be true.I love it.I tried lots & lots of blusher before from cheap to expensive but thanks to my skin none of them show up whenever I applied or stay.To make things worst I don’t think nobody even notice i was wearing blusher 😦
But after coastal scents,people notice and some even asked,cos they say i glow.. 🙂
After that i started to purchase their makeup regularly.
I tried their primer,foundation and ahh brushes.Their brushes are superb quality (for me).
Price range from very cheap to not so expensive.
They got everything a girl need to look fabulous.
And if you are a beauty on a budget this is the place for you (& me too).

Visit the Coastal Scents Website to get their items http://www.coastalscents.com/cfwebstore/index.cfm


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