Expensive vs Cheap

When you are buying makeup,what makes you buy that product.
As for me..anything goes.Example like my 2 way foundation compact

That expensive one is Estee Lauder Double Wear & Pixy UV Whitening 2 Way Cake.
My Estee Lauder cost me about RM150++ for the refill the price is RM128 and that Pixy Powder price is around RM20 and the refill is RM11.90.You can get it at much cheaper price during sale promotion.

Both are 2 way foundation,both gave me the coverage I want.The only difference is the price and label.

Prove that I love my pixy foundation so much..you can see the bottom of the pan 😀

Still new..

Do you have any cheap & expensive makeup that you love?

7 thoughts on “Expensive vs Cheap

  1. hey bumped into your blog, find it interesting 🙂 well, frankly, i’ll go for quality makeup that does not necessarily have to be expensive. The good coverage ones are clinique, but ZA make-up and Silky Girl are just as good 🙂

    Most importantly, perhaps invest in good skincare? 🙂

    • never try silky girl before since you mention it maybe i should give it a try..good skincare is just soo hard for me to find dear..what are u using by the way??

  2. @skincare – I’m using the ones done by my facial place called vanilla, it’s a rather successful chain in Singapore although they only have few branches. The products are made in France. But rather expensive, so I only buy the moisturizer. http://www.vanilla.com.sg/

    Well, my teenage sister who suffered from acne, she took Brand’s essence’s inner shine berry essence, it cleared her skin after taking 1 a bottle for around 1-2 weeks.


    I also took it, and it cleared my bad breakout. Think it’s sold in Malaysia as well 🙂 saw it at Watsons while at Malacca for holiday. (yes i have horrible skin – combi and sensitive haha)

    🙂 Generally, maybe find skincare that suits your skin? Hope you’ll find the right type soon!

  3. Certainly! Cheap makeup, I can’t go past Rimmel for nail polish, Maybelline mascaras, etc. Expensive ones would be my Chanel foundation and blush, NARS blushes, etc. Too many to count! 😛

  4. I dont think cheap products are not good , just maybe as time goes by I discover those that work very well on my skin are expensive products…I do use products which are cheap (or rather affordable) as long as they work on me 🙂

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