SHINee Comeback Stage-Hello (with download link)

Yes,it happens yesterday and at that time i was working,when i came back from work i logged in my pc,once I’m online,my msn pops open and a dear girl i get to know from SFi (SHINee forum International) asked me “Unnie (it’s korean term for older sister) have u watch SHINee Hello,I’m in love with minho..”Minho used to be my everything but after Lucifer MV,Lee Jinki @ ONew divert my interest,my love and passion for Choi MInho.I left Minho and declare my LOve for Lee Jinki@ONew (he’s getting hotter & hotter every minute in my eyes i guess)..

Ok back to’s not a really upbeat song like Lucifer or RDD,it’s kind of more relax,mellow and for me it reminds me of their replay days (Noona Nomu Yeppo). Watch,listen and love SHINee people…

and since this vid have copyright problem and i don’t want to loose yet another Youtube account,I’m going to make it private video. How u can access it to watch,you can do that by subscribing me at my Youtube channel.You will have access to all the video i have there.

Have a nice day and enjoy SHINee-Hello

download link


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