New Youtube Account

Hi people,

my previous youtube account has been terminated/deleted from youtube & due to this situation I have setup another channel Rosejaejoong1 new youtube. It’s going to take me some time to repair some of the link as well,cos i have to replace the old one’s and i have to upload back all the vid’s (around 70 vids all together from the old channel). Whatever, I still have fun doing this,even though I feel sad cos all of my hard work (uploading,editing,typing the info’s,rating’s,subscriber,friend’s,view & everything) gone just like that,I found it challenging and exciting to get back all that I have lost. I have to start back from start. Even though my subscriber is only two, I see people still view my channel. It’s a good start for me. Thank’s.Please subscribe if you like.

Have a nice day!!



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