Lucifer MV

Yeah..finally the full mv is out. I went to work today (yesterday i was so sick to go to work),and the whole day i was wondering if the full version of the mv is out..and yes,my boys are finally back after the success of Ring ding dong or RDD for short they are back with Lucifer..i think i wrote bout it a few days back but i just love to talk or write about them..the song is quite catchy,just like ring ding dong.but i think ring ding still have effect on me,that song is forever on my mind,i never think I’m gonna get sick listening to it.

download link for Rdd ring ding dong

i really like the concept,the vid,the style,everything there is about’s just so cool for me and some of my friends..for lucifer it’s kind of a drastic change if i put it into word,but it’s the work of their stylist and company,but it’s something fresh cos i see a lot of band are trending the dark concept nowadays and we will definitely get sick watching it one day…

download Lucifer MV

watch it while it’s still hot you guys..enjoy..I’m gonna dream bout my lucifer tonight (don’t ask me who..)

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