Love Ballads

I’ve listen to loads and tonnes of ballads and can i say not all slow,sentimental song hit you right away.To sing ballad you gotta harmonize and get the feel of the song to carry it out well, and i believe it’s not easy to sing song by this genre.I’m gonna share with you 5 songs that i love..(maybe i will put up some more later)

why all shinee?well,maybe because I’m in Lucifer mood right now.not really,i adore onew voice mostly.his voice is something i look forward to listen to when shinee sang.But he outdone himself when he’s singing alone.his voice is easy to identify,don’t u guys think so.His voice is just perfect for ballads.

Another pick for ballads would be Super Junior-KRY..can i say heavenly voice.They can suit each other voice really well..That’s why i called these three (yesung,kyuhyun,ryeowook) power vocal for suju.Even when they sang live,it’s hard to hear them out of tune.

Ballad song can have a big impact to you,when the song can relate or it is related to you in a more personal way,that’s why some people breakdown or cry when they hear certain song.Whatever mood you are into at the moment,ballad can relate to you,happy or’s up to you.

download link..pls comment if u are downloading.Please read my latest post, currently I’m replacing my old vid’s with new vid’s that  I have uploaded. I will try to upload all the missing vid’s.

suju kry-lets not
onew jessica-one year later

onew the name i love



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