onE Week Recap

Hi,it’s been one another sunday coming to an end.Tomorrow is another day,another week to look forward to.Nothing special happen last week,nothing out of the normality i would say.I’ve been busy with my books,yeah,my Charlaine Harris books the New Blood Vamp series,i bought two last week and already finished reading both with enjoyment and laughter and i bought another two books of the series this week (I’m already reading the third book club dead)owh eric

On Friday during my lunch hour i went to another face mask hunting and got myself a lil bit sad cos the mask i want was not there on the shelf or anywhere.i don’t think i will ever let my self be mask-less.After work,i hop with joy to one utama with one of my favorite Unnie..yet i went on a search for the face mask and again i failed.But i managed to satisfy my hunger for sushi (sorry bacuse i ate it all,nothing to show)

Nothing exciting happening this week,but to make my-self enjoy i done some on-line shopping and bought my self 2 or more clothes and face mask (yay finally!!!).some of the stuff will be arriving next week.can’t wait.yeah,i’ve been busy uploading vids on my youtube channel and hope u guys can give a visit to my channel to hype thing up.



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