rose,vampire & vampire hunk’s

hi..u don’t have to re-read my’s about vamp and no it’s not what u think it’s not about edward or twilight series..owh yeah,twilight saga eclipse just hit Malaysian shores last thursday,but lucky me i went to the eclipse premiere on Tuesday so i got to watch it two days earlier (hahaha…)

Edward never really move my heart,i mean the on screen Edward,i really love the Edward in book..i read it all.the book is just so beautiful,the story is beautiful because i can just feel how their relationship develop,but the movie is good that’s all i can say.i cannot compare it with the book.when i read new moon,i got tears running down my cheeks cos i just completely feel the pain Bella going through when Edward leaves her.i don’t feel the pain in the new moon movie,but still i enjoy watching it. “Eclipse” is nice because you can see how aggressive Jacob is in trying to win Bella heart.But poor Jake..

there is another vamp series I’m into by the’s called true blood
how did i stumble upon it??thanks to gossip girl season 3 which ends and hello baby shinee ending leaving me with nothing to watch.i got bored and start surfing for new things to waste my time,watching e! news and there was this news bout the new season of true blood and there’s a sneak peak,well the sneak peak was too good alas i gave it a try and omg,i fell in lurve so bad.i watch two season of true blood (12 episode’s each season) in 5 days. Season 3 just started last month.
i also learn that true blood is originally from a novel

i called borders to check if they have it,and jackpot.i even made reservation for the book (the first book “dead until dark”),when i got there i asked if they have other books by this author and they show me they have the whole shelve dedicated for this series and i end up buying two books..already starting my first book,i think the book is gonna be more intense (i will end up liking the book as usual).

Give it a try,watch the series can drool to bill compton or eric..i prefer bill,he’s such a sweet heart..for me true blood is a more mature vampire series (cos the vamps in twilight go to school so it’s like a teenage movie/chick flick)..i love true blood..i seriously do…
p/s:you can see a love triangle too just like in the twilight series.

2 thoughts on “rose,vampire & vampire hunk’s

  1. Hm… It must be definitely better than the twilight saga, like u said. Hey, i have to agree with u. The twilight series books are way off better than the movies. Honestly, the movie disappoint me a lot but never mind… Anyway, the actor and actresses are hot. That is definitely something to compliment about… 🙂 Haha!!!

    • only one actor is super howt and it’s the guy playing jacob.I’m not a fan of edward but i love the edward in the book,edward on screen no..i’m still a TRUE BLOOD fan..try reading the book or watch the series,maybe u will like it like me 😀

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