~ROSE AVON’S cOllEcTiOn’s~Introduction

*1st of all about me*

my name is rose

-i live in damansara working in KL

-i have a full time job,but i do part time by selling avon products

-been using avon since forever

-been selling avon for the past 4year’s n still going strong

-my customers is my jiran2,my office mate’s,fren n family,n some of them are my mum’s customer too (my mum have nasi lemak stall)

*why u should buy avon

-it’s ori,tulen so  u shouldn’t worry about imitation n etc

-it’s cheap,affordable,n not too pricey

-nowadays they even have their own designer parfum

-it’s a worldwide brand

-satisfaction guaranteed

-clinically proven n tested by the pakar/skin care specialist

*method of payment





-by post express

-cod(One Utama only)

*there will be specific dates for ordering,payment n collection of goods(like spree)..

*pls pm me in lyn(low yat.net)  n facebook if u have inquiries,or want best price n etc..(i sure layan u like princess..okie)

Browse through these for products

*my previous avon’s post


click on the christian lacroix pic to get to my previous post(it’s quite outdated i’m gonna update soon)


faraway_productsclick on this pic to get to avon malaysia

i’ll bring u guys more after this


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